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2015 …follow your heart… ♥

    Well Lilibeaners, here we sit at the edge of yet another year…one just about over and another just about beginning. I love the symbolism of this holiday…stock-taking, fresh starts…a whole new set of days and opportunities for do-overs.  It can be sad as we say goodbye to people or places or things we leave behind but mostly, it’s… Read more →

Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 5!!

OMG ‘Beaners!  Step 5 and then we put it all together!  Our grand experiment starts!! I don’t know about you but I’m excited.  And ready to roll! But first…5…  Let it happen. Steps 1 – 4 are all about active participation in manifesting our intentions.  You can’t manifest without action.  Step 5, on the other hand, is about stepping back… Read more →

Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 4

Olá LiliBeaners!  It’s Thursday…one more day ’til the weekend and one more day ’til we’re ready to get rolling on our grand experiment!  Like I said yesterday, today is the day we talk turkey – Step 4:  Avoid focusing negative energy into your intention. This step is the only “don’t” step.  Mostly, in this experiment, we want to focus on… Read more →

Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 3

Do you know what day it is, LiliBeaners?  Hey LiliBeaners!  Guess what day it is?!! It’s HUMP DAY!! 🙂  And one day closer to putting all the pieces of our experiment together and getting moving on manifesting!  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out this post. So we’re talking about Step 3 today – being grateful everyday. … Read more →

Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 2

Happy Tuesday, LiliBeaners! So, yesterday, we all agreed we were going to conduct an experiment in manifestation. Wooo wooo….what?  You don’t remember??  It happened right here. See, told ya.  Mondays make us do funny things, huh? Anyways, yesterday we did that and we even covered Step 1 – setting a clear intention and writing it down.  Today let’s talk about… Read more →

Manifesting in 5 Steps: An Experiment!

Hey LiliBeaners!  Can you believe it’s June already?  June!! Half way through another year.  It feels like just yesterday when we were all looking ahead to the new year with hopeful hearts and big intentions. *le sigh*  January always feels so fresh and bright. I don’t know about you guys but I’d say my motivation is lagging right now.  For… Read more →