Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 4

dear universeOlá LiliBeaners!  It’s Thursday…one more day ’til the weekend and one more day ’til we’re ready to get rolling on our grand experiment!  Like I said yesterday, today is the day we talk turkey – Step 4:  Avoid focusing negative energy into your intention.

This step is the only “don’t” step.  Mostly, in this experiment, we want to focus on all things positive.  Because, as I said, like attracts like and I’m pretty sure what we all want is more positive and less negative.  But, so many of us are in the habit of negative thinking and negative self-talk.  We may not even be aware since often it’s an unconscious, silent stream of thoughts that are constantly running through our heads and judging every situation we encounter.

Before we can manifest our intentions, we need to stop this madness!

When we set good intentions and focus positive energy into the outcome, we
accelerate the speed at which we move towards that outcome.  The opposite is true when you start getting down on yourself or your dreams or your goals. You completely jam the brakes on and maybe even stall out eventually.

You know how the story goes…

I have a dream.  I’m going to realize that dream.  This is going to be great.  I’m going   to be great.  I’m finally going to be living the life I’ve always imagined.  But…it’s probably going to be hard.  Maybe even impossible. I’m not one of those people who make things happen in their lives.  At this point, if I haven’t done anything outstanding, what makes me think I will now?  And besides, there’s no way it could happen.  Because I have responsibilities.  And commitments.  And I have no money.  And no time.  What’s the point??

And before you know it…*poof*…all those good intentions and positive thoughts and grateful moments are completely undone.  You’re no longer attracting your dream life.  You’re attracting the exact opposite.

For some reason, negative thoughts seem to carry more emotions and more power.  When we complain about how broke we are, we often feel that reality more than when we talk about the good day we had.   It becomes a vicious cycle and there’s only one way to stop it.  Stop being so negative!

Way easier said than done.  Mostly because, like I said, sometimes (a lot of times) we don’t even realize we’re doing it.  But, we need to try to stay conscious of where our thoughts are going.

I am the worst offender when it comes to letting my mind wander right off that negative cliff.  I start off conquering the world and within one thought cycle, I’m being crushed under the weight of it.  Habits of a lifetime…they’re hard to break…  But I have a technique for combating the effects of negative thinking.

Throughout the day, on a regular basis…once an hour, once every couple hours, whatever feels right for you…stop and consciously pay attention to your thought stream and your verbal or written conversations.  If you have kept negativity to a minimum, bravo!  Give yourself credit for that.  You deserve a gold star!

If, however, you find your thoughts have entered the danger zone and have loitered there for too long, here’s how you minimize that damage.  As soon as you recognize it, immediately think to yourself, “Yes! That’s $1000 more I’ll manifest in my bank account (or 5 more pounds I’ll lose…or 3 more job offers I’ll get)!”  This way, you are turning the negative thoughts into a positive message to the Universe.  Tricky, right?!!  Oh yeahhhhh.

We are going to work so hard over the next 6 weeks to make this experiment work.  It would be a shame to sabotage ourselves by downplaying, degrading or dismissing all the beautiful intentions we have.  So, this don’t is a don’t you definitely don’t want to do.  Got it?

It’s tricky to rock a rhyme…to rock a rhyme that’s right on time…it’s trick-ay…

See you tomorrow, LiliBeaners! Step 5…oh yeahhhhhhhh.

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