Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 3

dear universe
Do you know what day it is, LiliBeaners?  Hey LiliBeaners!  Guess what day it is?!!

It’s HUMP DAY!! 🙂  And one day closer to putting all the pieces of our experiment
together and getting moving on manifesting!  If you’re not sure what I’m talking
about, check out this post.

So we’re talking about Step 3 today – being grateful everyday.  This is such a feel-
good exercise.  Similar to Step 2 but a little different.  Step 2 is all about visualizing the future you want to create.  Step 3 is about acknowledging the present and all the amazing things that you already have.

Why is that important?  Because like attracts like, of course.

Love attracts more love.  Hate attracts more hate.  Positive attracts positive and
negative attracts negative.  And gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful.

The more you open yourself to seeing what the Universe has provided for you, the more
the Universe will provide.  I’m not sure if that’s a scientifically-proven fact but
does it really need to be?  Doesn’t that make perfect sense and resonate down to your
core? If it doesn’t yet, try this step – either in the context of our experiment or
even just on its own – and it will.  I promise you if you do this every day, you will
change your life.

What are you doing exactly?  Simply listing all the things you are grateful for every
day.  At a minimum, try to come up with three things.  At a maximum…there is no
maximum.  List everything you can think of.  But try not to list the same things
every day.  You can do this first thing in the morning to get your day started on happy, solid ground.  Or you can do it at night to put your day to bed on a positive note.  Totally up to you.

What kinds of things should you include?  Well, we all have the things we are grateful for every day – family, friends, a good income, a roof over your head…whatever it may be.  And those should never be diminished or dismissed.  But you should get creative with this step.  Have fun and think outside the box.  Really put some thought in to your day and uncover the hidden gems.  That’s when you’re really groovin’ on the gratitude wave.  And if there’s one thing the Universe loves, it’s groovin’!

Oh, don’t forget to write these things down.  That puts the power in your positive

Okay…let me demonstrate.  Today, I’m grateful for:

Family, friends, a good income, a roof over my head…  Hot coffee at early morning
     meetings…  Managers who make a difference…  Good pizza…cold beer…and vintage
     70s sunglasses.

See how fun that was?  Now I want to hear your lists!

Get your gratitude groovin’, ‘Beaners!!  Tomorrow we talk turkey…

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