Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 2

dear universe

Happy Tuesday, LiliBeaners!

So, yesterday, we all agreed we were going to conduct an experiment in manifestation. Wooo wooo….what?  You don’t remember??  It happened right here.

See, told ya.  Mondays make us do funny things, huh?

Anyways, yesterday we did that and we even covered Step 1 – setting a clear intention and writing it down.  Today let’s talk about Step 2 – focusing positive energy into our intention daily.

Setting the intention might be the most important part of this journey.  But it’s also the easiest.  Once you’ve done that, the real work begins.  While you do need to step back and let the Universe figure out the hows and whens, you still need to do your part every day by staying focused and remembering what you are manifesting.  Again, not how you’re going to get there but rather how you’ll feel once you are there.  You need to focus on what your life will look like when you’ve finally manifested your intention.

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us and making it easy to veer off track and head down some negative paths.  We forget to be grateful for the good – hopeful for the future.  We lose sight of that dream life we know we were meant for.  This is why we need to surround ourselves with reminders of what we intend for our lives.  This step is about feeling it every day – even if only for a few moments at a time.

This step does require focus but it’s also fun!!  There are so many ways to get in this zone.

Of course, there’s my personal favorite – vision boarding!  You guys know how much I love my vision boards.  If you don’t and/or don’t even know what a vision board is, check out my post on it right here.

If you’re not that into vision boarding (*sob*), fret not. There are other ways you can stay focused and positive.  You can put a single picture on your nightstand or bathroom mirror so you see it every morning when you wake up.  You can pick a theme song and play it throughout the day or when you’re riding in the car.  You can put an object on your desk or keep it in your pocket so you can see it and feel it whenever you need a reminder.  Anything that evokes the emotions you will feel when you’ve manifested your intention and makes you think about that outcome in a positive way will work!

So far, so good, right?  We’re one step closer to putting it all together.  Tomorrow, we’ll talk gratitude and why it does a body good (and a mind and a heart and a soul). While you’re waiting for that post, get your glue and your iPod and your favorite pictures and start putting together your positive reminders!

À demain, Lilibeaners… ♥

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