Thanks. That Is All.

Hideeho LiliBeaners! How‘s everyone doing? I hope Summer is being good to you. So far, so good on this end. July has been a busy month for me.

I’ve got a new Squidoo account and new LiliBean’s Love stores on Skreened and Zazzle. I’ve been working on writing and designing (the pic above is one of my new ones) and marketing.  In fact, I’ve spent more time on marketing than probably anything else. Mostly just learning and trying to figure out what the heck I need to be doing. Believe or not, it’s a massively time-consuming task! As with anything though, you get out what you put in.

The other biggie for me this month is that I’m looking for a (gasp) “real” job. I’m not looking for a new career, mind you. Just looking for something that will pay the bills. For better or for worse, money makes the world go ’round and right now, I’m not getting much in the way of that. And my pets have definitely come to expect a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. Sooo…I’ve been spending a little time every day scouring the help wanted sites.

But none of that is what this post is really about. It’s not about me and what I’ve been doing. This post is about you, LiliBeaners. It’s about your support and your encouragement.  Mostly it’s about how grateful I am to you.

Undertaking a new endeavor is a challenge. And if it’s worthwhile, it takes a great deal of effort. And when that endeavor entails putting a piece of yourself out in the world, there’s a whole lot of insecurity that goes along with it. What if my article is bad? What if my design is awful? What if no one likes it?

What if I suck?

It can be daunting to say the least.  But trying to do all that without the support of the people in your life? Well, that would be next to impossible.  Fortunately, I’ve had some great supporters out there who have kept me going and have helped me get things off the ground.

I’m grateful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read what I’ve written or look at what I’ve created. And if you’ve ever “liked” one of my posts or commented on one of my designs, you’ve put many smiles on my face.

And for that group of you out there who have gone way above and beyond, well…it’s hard to put into words how much you’ve impacted my heart. I’m not going to name you (because inevitably I would forget someone and then I would have to die of guilt) but you know who you are.

You’re the ones who have liked/commented on/shared just about every post I’ve written. You’ve retweeted all of my LiliBean tweets and repinned all of my LiliBean pins. You’ve sent me words of encouragement and motivated me to do more. You’ve been my cheerleaders and my greatest fans. Not only do you let me know you like what I’m doing, you let the people in your world know it too.

In short, you’re the ones who make me believe I don’t suck.

In return, just know that you have my undying gratitude. You have an unlimited supply of IOU’s in the Bank of LiliBean. You have a whole lot of positivity coming your way.  They say what you throw out to the Universe comes back to you threefold. So get ready, my friends, because great things are headed straight for you!

And in the meantime, I need you all to keep doing what you’re doing. I know it’s a lot to ask and I wouldn’t if it wasn’t so important. I’m building good foundations but I’ve got a long way to go and the only way I’m going to get there is with the support of the people in my life.

So until next time, LiliBeaners…get a haircut, clean the house, put on your Sunday best…you want to be ready when Good Karma comes knockin’ at your door…

“Knock, knock.”


  2 comments for “Thanks. That Is All.

  1. Paul Kelly
    July 22, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    As always you have my support! Thanks for all you do and who you are!

    • admin
      July 22, 2012 at 6:01 pm

      You have been one of my biggest supporters, Paul and it truly means the world to me! Love you! xoxoxox

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