Dream Discovery in 5

LiliBeaners! I’m running a little late with this week’s post… Before I get to it though, I have an update!

Those of you who have been keeping up with my blog know that I have an outstanding “Check!” from my All or Nothing post. Well, guess what?!! CHECK!!

Yes, it’s true! I earned my first dollars from my creative endeavors. Woo!!

I designed the picture above for my friend Angel who wanted to get a tattoo to honor her Gram. And she paid me to do it! She got her tattoo last week and I got my very first ever customer. Success all the way around!

So, going back to All or Nothing, my very next step now will be to turn that one drop into a steady flow.

Ok, moving on…

In last week’s post, I will try…, I talked about switching off auto-pilot and taking a shot at our dreams. After I posted it, someone asked if I had any tips for people who have forgotten what their dreams even were. In this week’s post, I’ll give you some techniques that might help jog your memory. Or help you discover new dreams.

We all have dreams growing up of what we want to do with our lives. And some people follow them right to fruition. But for most of us, those dreams fall back as we move on and get older. And by the time we’re ready to circle back, we sometimes realize we’ve outgrown them.

When I was 15, I wrote a life plan. I was going to marry a wealthy oil magnate at the age of 20, be a horse trainer, have my first child at 21…a boy named Philip and have my second child at 23…a girl named Vanessa.  (If this sounds familiar, yes…I was a huge Guiding Light fan back then.) My dream life was neat and tidy and all wrapped up with a bow.

Looking back at that now, it’s laughable to me for so many reasons. Clearly, I’ve outgrown those aspirations and have discovered new dreams that make more sense to the person I am today.

Of course, that’s not to say that your old dreams won’t still ring true for you.

Try these techniques and see what you discover:

1. The Obvious

We’ve all heard that to find your dreams, you need to look at what you’re passionate about. What do you love doing? What are you good at? What do you do that makes time fly…makes hours feel like minutes?

This is a good starting point. If you can answer these questions, you probably already know on some level where your dreams will take you. If you’re like me though, you don’t have a clue. Don’t worry…just keep reading.

2. Phone a friend.

Sometimes the people who know us and love us see things in us that we don’t see in ourselves. My mother used to always tell me I should do more with my drawings and with my writing. I didn’t see that potential in myself but she did.

Gather up a group of your favorite friends and ask them what they think your dreams are; what they think you’re good at and/or passionate about. Engage them in a serious brainstorming session on how to take those talents and passions and turn them into dreams worthy of pursuit.

One caveat here. Make sure you enlist friends who are open-minded and supportive of your goals. No Negative Nellies or Misery-Loves-Company Millies.

3. I dream of…

If you’re not ready to bring your friends in on your quest just yet, you can always brainstorm on your own. A good way to do this is to write the words “I dream of” (or “I want” or “I can”…whatever resonates) repeatedly on a piece of paper. Start with 20 the first time you do this exercise. After you’ve written your statement 20 times, start finishing the sentences with whatever comes to mind. Don’t censor yourself.

I dream of making a lot of money. I dream of giving back to my community. I want to live by the beach. I can bake like nobody’s business. (Obviously, I’m making these up. I can’t bake to save my life. But you get the idea.)

The first 5 or so will be easy. When you get past 10, it will probably be quite challenging to come up with ideas. Don’t give up though. Just keep writing what pops into your mind. The more you get down on paper, the deeper you’ll be getting into your brain and the more doors you’ll unlock.

4. Try anything once.

Maybe you have ideas for things you might love to do but you’ve never done them before so you’re not sure. The only way to know is go out and try them!

Over the years, I’ve found a million things that I thought was passionate about…until I actually did them. Like scrapbooking and stamping. I was all set to start a business making homemade cards. I bought every tool and supply I could get my hands on. Come to find out, I was completely bored with the whole crafty process. Same with jewelry making. I love to sketch designs and I imagined that turning them into 3-dimensional products would be the ultimate in fulfillment for me. Wrong. I took a few jewelry classes, bought more supplies and tools…and did nothing with them. And yet still, I’m so glad I tried rather than spending my life wondering if I could have been a world-famous hand-crafter of jewelry. Also, I realized in the process that the part I loved was the design phase. Win-win.

There are two benefits to this technique. You will weed out ideas that won’t bear fruit and you will never have to look back with regrets on the things you never tried.

5. Let go and let God (or whatever you call your higher power).

This one is my favorite.  Whether you’ve been successful with the other 4 techniques or not, you should absolutely do this one. It’s all about setting an intention for your life and leaving the details of how it will manifest to the Universe.

Imagine what your life will look like once you’ve achieved your dreams. You have a flexible schedule; you work when you want (or maybe you don’t have to work at all); you’re surrounded by friends and throw big parties every weekend. Whatever.

Once you’ve come up with a picture in your mind, let it go. Put it out to the Universe so the stars can start aligning to make that life a reality for you. (If you’re not sure how to do that, check out my post on vision-boarding.)

Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way.

So there you have it! Give these techniques a try. And please be sure to report back on how you make out with them. I would love to hear about old dreams you’ve dusted off or new dreams you happened upon.

Until next time LiliBeaners, may all your stars align in perfect harmony.

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