Goodbye old year, hello new year…

2016 RelentlessHappy New Year’s Eve, LiliBeaners!  Hard to believe another year has passed, isn’t it?  And yet at the same time, it seems like it went by in the blink of an eye.

I have to say…I’m kind of sad to see this year go.  It was the year that I committed to following my heart.  And boy did that little sucker let loose!  I’m leaving 2015 with so many good memories to look back on…a few questionable decisions…and maybe one or two downright bad moves. As it turns out, my heart is not the most reliable of navigators.  But it certainly means well!

And in the end, it’s all okay because I learned A LOT.  Most importantly that sometimes you have to let your heart run free…and sometimes you have to rein it in.  It’s important to strike a balance (and a pose, if you’re so inclined).

So, as much as I don’t want to let go of 2015, let go I must.  Time to look ahead to the new year! I picked “relentless” as my word of the year for 2016.

Whoa…right?  Relentless.

As my friend Katie says, that’s a pretty aggressive word.  To which my response is, “Then it’s perfect.”  2016 is not going to be a wishy-washy, go-with-the-flow kind of year for me. It’s going to be a year of relentlessly pursuing my goals. A year of unleashing my inner beast.  This year, if I want it, I’m going to take it.

Aggressive.  Rawwwwwr!

I have a feeling that, at this time next year, I’m going to be one tired lioness. But, I also have a feeling that I’ll be a pretty satisfied one too.

And so lovers, as always, from the bottom of my imperfect heart, I wish you all a new year full of everything you wish for yourselves.  Whether you’re taking it easy, doing some soul searching, leaf turning or howling at the moon, I hope you create the year that you’re dreaming of.

Until next time, Lilibeaners…

2015 …follow your heart… ♥


2015 ...follow your heart...


Well Lilibeaners, here we sit at the edge of yet another year…one just about over and another just about beginning. I love the symbolism of this holiday…stock-taking, fresh starts…a whole new set of days and opportunities for do-overs.  It can be sad as we say goodbye to people or places or things we leave behind but mostly, it’s a time for looking forward and moving on.

After too many New Year’s eves where I couldn’t wait for it to be over already, tonight I am closing the books on a year I really loved…2014.  This was the year that I solidly and gladly rejoined the land of the living.  After a long, difficult decade of yuck, I finally had a chance to stop and catch my breath…which gave me a chance to do some healing and letting go. This, in turn, opened the door to so many good things…new job, new friends…new attitudes…

The biggest impact to my year was, hands down, my gratitude experiment.  I can say without a doubt that having an attitude of gratitude is like a little slice of magic.  It’s been said that if you change your mindset, you change your life. That, my friends, is a bonafide truth bomb.

And now, as much as I loved 2014, I am ready to turn the page and get rolling on 2015. I’ve chosen “heart” as my one-word mantra for this new year…time to open it up and let it lead for a little while.  Or a long while.  We’ll see how it goes. 😉

So lovers, here’s to fresh starts and do-overs in 2015.  Remember to look for the blessings in your life every day and to manifest the magic by being grateful for them.  And know that today and always, I wish you everything your heart desires.  Wherever it leads, I hope you follow.

Chakra Wisdom – Color Me Impressed

chakra wisdom oracle cards

Happy Sunday, LiliBeaners!  Hope you all filled your weekends with lots of laughter
and happy moments.  If it was a rough one, take heart.  Tomorrow starts a new week!

For me, Sunday is my day to slow down and reflect.  It’s a good day to get quiet and
get connected with my soul and the stars above.  One of my favorite ways to do that
is by working with one of the many spiritual card decks I own.  I have decks on angels and astrology and life paths and soul purposes.

As you all know, I like to ponder on ideas and these cards all give me great ideas to ponder on.  They open my mind and often shift my perception in ways I wouldn’t have expected.

Recently, I received a complimentary set of cards from Tori Hartman – Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards.  In return for this lovely gift, I agreed to write a review on them.  Mind you, I wasn’t asked to give a good review…just a review.  I’m happy to say though, I love the cards!

By now, you might be thinking…Chak-who Wisdom what?

Good question! 😉  I’ve got to get a little woo-woo to explain.

Chakras are energy points in our body that are believed to tie the body and consciousness together.  It is commonly accepted that there are 7 main chakras and each chakra corresponds to a specific color. Chakras follow the colors of the rainbow. So pretty and so powerful. Tori explains each one in detail in the guidebook included with the cards.  These explanations are quite insightful and thought-provoking.  I would highly recommend reading through them as you get started with the cards.

Having done that myself, I wasn’t surprised at all when the first card I pulled was “Complacency” – in the Red family aka the Root Chakra.  As the guidebook states, “The root chakra cards show us a new way to bring our dreams to fruition.”  Um…yes, please!

The inspirational message of the “Complacency” card starts with “This is a warning not to give up!” Great message to receive and one I sincerely needed to hear in the moment I pulled that card.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck is full of messages like these – each related to different areas or energy centers of our lives. I pulled Complacency but maybe you’ll pull the Release card if you need inspiration to help you let go and move forward.  Or maybe the Prayer card if you need inspiration on how to live in active prayer.

Each description in the guidebook includes a one-sentence tag line to help you focus in on the message of the card, a short fable, an inspirational passage, questions to ask yourself, key ideas and keywords related to the card and a meditation at the bottom.

I especially love the fables.  They’re folksy and charming and they bring the cards to life.  And the artwork done by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin fits so well with the vibe of the deck.

These cards truly are a beautiful addition to my collection.  If you love colors and energy and are looking for some mind-opening inspirations, check them out for yourselves at Tori’s website here.  You can do an online reading for free and get a feel for what they’re all about.

While you’re off doing that, I’m going to get quiet and get connected and get ready for the week ahead.  Hope you all do the same!

Until next time, my friends… 

Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 5!!

dear universe

OMG ‘Beaners!  Step 5 and then we put it all together!  Our grand experiment starts!!

I don’t know about you but I’m excited.  And ready to roll!

But first…5…  Let it happen.

Steps 1 – 4 are all about active participation in manifesting our intentions.  You can’t manifest without action.  Step 5, on the other hand, is about stepping back and letting the Universe do its thang.  Let go and let God, as they say.

After we’ve set our intention and while we are positively focusing on the outcome, the Universe is busy moving mountains to make things happen for us.  But, if we start dictating which mountain to move and when to move it, we screw up its rhythm. Mess up its mojo. Hose its hoopla.

As you can imagine, that wouldn’t be good.

It might seem like this is a “don’t” step but it’s absolutely not.  It’s a huge DO step.  It’s all about having faith…believing that what we’ve intended and the picture we’ve created in our minds and reinforced with gratitude in our hearts will come to be.

This step will likely be a challenge.  Being patient is hard when you want something so strongly.  And giving up control is even harder. But, that’s what faith is all about, isn’t it?

Just like we believe the sun will rise in the morning, we need to believe with all our might that the Universe will provide.  That it’s moving all the right mountains on just the right schedule.  If we can do that, we open the door to great things.

And if we can put Steps 1 – 5 all together consistently for the next six weeks, I believe we will change our lives. That’s my hypothesis and I’m sticking to it.

Sooooo Lilibeaners, we’re ready to rock.  And roll.  I’ll check in and let you know how I’m doing.  I expect you to do the same.  No matter how rich or famous you become… :)

Love ya, ‘Beaners! xoxox

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Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 4

dear universeOlá LiliBeaners!  It’s Thursday…one more day ’til the weekend and one more day ’til we’re ready to get rolling on our grand experiment!  Like I said yesterday, today is the day we talk turkey – Step 4:  Avoid focusing negative energy into your intention.

This step is the only “don’t” step.  Mostly, in this experiment, we want to focus on all things positive.  Because, as I said, like attracts like and I’m pretty sure what we all want is more positive and less negative.  But, so many of us are in the habit of negative thinking and negative self-talk.  We may not even be aware since often it’s an unconscious, silent stream of thoughts that are constantly running through our heads and judging every situation we encounter.

Before we can manifest our intentions, we need to stop this madness!

When we set good intentions and focus positive energy into the outcome, we
accelerate the speed at which we move towards that outcome.  The opposite is true when you start getting down on yourself or your dreams or your goals. You completely jam the brakes on and maybe even stall out eventually.

You know how the story goes…

I have a dream.  I’m going to realize that dream.  This is going to be great.  I’m going   to be great.  I’m finally going to be living the life I’ve always imagined.  But…it’s probably going to be hard.  Maybe even impossible. I’m not one of those people who make things happen in their lives.  At this point, if I haven’t done anything outstanding, what makes me think I will now?  And besides, there’s no way it could happen.  Because I have responsibilities.  And commitments.  And I have no money.  And no time.  What’s the point??

And before you know it…*poof*…all those good intentions and positive thoughts and grateful moments are completely undone.  You’re no longer attracting your dream life.  You’re attracting the exact opposite.

For some reason, negative thoughts seem to carry more emotions and more power.  When we complain about how broke we are, we often feel that reality more than when we talk about the good day we had.   It becomes a vicious cycle and there’s only one way to stop it.  Stop being so negative!

Way easier said than done.  Mostly because, like I said, sometimes (a lot of times) we don’t even realize we’re doing it.  But, we need to try to stay conscious of where our thoughts are going.

I am the worst offender when it comes to letting my mind wander right off that negative cliff.  I start off conquering the world and within one thought cycle, I’m being crushed under the weight of it.  Habits of a lifetime…they’re hard to break…  But I have a technique for combating the effects of negative thinking.

Throughout the day, on a regular basis…once an hour, once every couple hours, whatever feels right for you…stop and consciously pay attention to your thought stream and your verbal or written conversations.  If you have kept negativity to a minimum, bravo!  Give yourself credit for that.  You deserve a gold star!

If, however, you find your thoughts have entered the danger zone and have loitered there for too long, here’s how you minimize that damage.  As soon as you recognize it, immediately think to yourself, “Yes! That’s $1000 more I’ll manifest in my bank account (or 5 more pounds I’ll lose…or 3 more job offers I’ll get)!”  This way, you are turning the negative thoughts into a positive message to the Universe.  Tricky, right?!!  Oh yeahhhhh.

We are going to work so hard over the next 6 weeks to make this experiment work.  It would be a shame to sabotage ourselves by downplaying, degrading or dismissing all the beautiful intentions we have.  So, this don’t is a don’t you definitely don’t want to do.  Got it?

It’s tricky to rock a rhyme…to rock a rhyme that’s right on time…it’s trick-ay…

See you tomorrow, LiliBeaners! Step 5…oh yeahhhhhhhh.

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Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 3

dear universe
Do you know what day it is, LiliBeaners?  Hey LiliBeaners!  Guess what day it is?!!

It’s HUMP DAY!! :)  And one day closer to putting all the pieces of our experiment
together and getting moving on manifesting!  If you’re not sure what I’m talking
about, check out this post.

So we’re talking about Step 3 today – being grateful everyday.  This is such a feel-
good exercise.  Similar to Step 2 but a little different.  Step 2 is all about visualizing the future you want to create.  Step 3 is about acknowledging the present and all the amazing things that you already have.

Why is that important?  Because like attracts like, of course.

Love attracts more love.  Hate attracts more hate.  Positive attracts positive and
negative attracts negative.  And gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful.

The more you open yourself to seeing what the Universe has provided for you, the more
the Universe will provide.  I’m not sure if that’s a scientifically-proven fact but
does it really need to be?  Doesn’t that make perfect sense and resonate down to your
core? If it doesn’t yet, try this step – either in the context of our experiment or
even just on its own – and it will.  I promise you if you do this every day, you will
change your life.

What are you doing exactly?  Simply listing all the things you are grateful for every
day.  At a minimum, try to come up with three things.  At a maximum…there is no
maximum.  List everything you can think of.  But try not to list the same things
every day.  You can do this first thing in the morning to get your day started on happy, solid ground.  Or you can do it at night to put your day to bed on a positive note.  Totally up to you.

What kinds of things should you include?  Well, we all have the things we are grateful for every day – family, friends, a good income, a roof over your head…whatever it may be.  And those should never be diminished or dismissed.  But you should get creative with this step.  Have fun and think outside the box.  Really put some thought in to your day and uncover the hidden gems.  That’s when you’re really groovin’ on the gratitude wave.  And if there’s one thing the Universe loves, it’s groovin’!

Oh, don’t forget to write these things down.  That puts the power in your positive

Okay…let me demonstrate.  Today, I’m grateful for:

Family, friends, a good income, a roof over my head…  Hot coffee at early morning
     meetings…  Managers who make a difference…  Good pizza…cold beer…and vintage
     70s sunglasses.

See how fun that was?  Now I want to hear your lists!

Get your gratitude groovin’, ‘Beaners!!  Tomorrow we talk turkey…

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Manifesting in 5 Steps: Step 2

dear universe

Happy Tuesday, LiliBeaners!

So, yesterday, we all agreed we were going to conduct an experiment in manifestation. Wooo wooo….what?  You don’t remember??  It happened right here.

See, told ya.  Mondays make us do funny things, huh?

Anyways, yesterday we did that and we even covered Step 1 – setting a clear intention and writing it down.  Today let’s talk about Step 2 – focusing positive energy into our intention daily.

Setting the intention might be the most important part of this journey.  But it’s also the easiest.  Once you’ve done that, the real work begins.  While you do need to step back and let the Universe figure out the hows and whens, you still need to do your part every day by staying focused and remembering what you are manifesting.  Again, not how you’re going to get there but rather how you’ll feel once you are there.  You need to focus on what your life will look like when you’ve finally manifested your intention.

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us and making it easy to veer off track and head down some negative paths.  We forget to be grateful for the good – hopeful for the future.  We lose sight of that dream life we know we were meant for.  This is why we need to surround ourselves with reminders of what we intend for our lives.  This step is about feeling it every day – even if only for a few moments at a time.

This step does require focus but it’s also fun!!  There are so many ways to get in this zone.

Of course, there’s my personal favorite – vision boarding!  You guys know how much I love my vision boards.  If you don’t and/or don’t even know what a vision board is, check out my post on it right here.

If you’re not that into vision boarding (*sob*), fret not. There are other ways you can stay focused and positive.  You can put a single picture on your nightstand or bathroom mirror so you see it every morning when you wake up.  You can pick a theme song and play it throughout the day or when you’re riding in the car.  You can put an object on your desk or keep it in your pocket so you can see it and feel it whenever you need a reminder.  Anything that evokes the emotions you will feel when you’ve manifested your intention and makes you think about that outcome in a positive way will work!

So far, so good, right?  We’re one step closer to putting it all together.  Tomorrow, we’ll talk gratitude and why it does a body good (and a mind and a heart and a soul). While you’re waiting for that post, get your glue and your iPod and your favorite pictures and start putting together your positive reminders!

À demain, Lilibeaners… ♥

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